Who I am

I've always done what I wasn't, then life put me in a position to be the one in which I can best recognize myself. I'm curious and starting from the materials that attract me from time to time, I make imperfection and uniqueness the occasion of my creativity. Right now I'm dedicating myself to the creation of accessories and bijoux. I use predominantly natural materials, adapting them to two lines, one more youthful and accessible and one more dynamic and functional, so that they can be enjoyed by several generations of women, but the aesthetic taste, care for materials and attention to detail they are identical. I try to create something that can last over time, without being influenced by current fashion.

All accessories and bijoux are imagined, designed and made in Italy and are all handmade, each piece is unique, because there is always some small detail that differentiates them, precisely because they are not mass-produced products.

For the accessories, we start from a drawing and then verify the feasibility of the project with the craftsmen.

For bijoux, on the other hand, it's the opposite. I start by imagining an earring, a necklace or a bracelet and along the way, it happens that more interesting shapes or combinations of colors appear to me and it often happens that the final result is completely different from what had been imagined.

This is perhaps the funniest part of my job.

The intent is to be able to offer unique products, made entirely in Italy, by high quality Italian artisans that last over time at affordable prices for women who want to wear something unconventional.

We are a small company that works by supporting local production with respect for people and the environment.

the goal is to involve and use Italian know-how, creating unique products, all made by hand.

The velvet and fabric bags are made with precious fabrics from surpluses, following the philosophy of creative recycling to make fashion more sustainable and help reduce waste and the accumulation of fabrics to be disposed of.

Thanks to our research of dead-stocked fabrics and our work, these inventories regain new life and new value.

Some models, both in leather and in fabric, require a pre-order of about 15 days, because they are very particular and/or particularly laborious to finish and carefully embroider by hand or customize according to the customer's needs, but we believe that even waiting is an integral part of the slow-fashion principle.

Waiting must not be considered a waste of time, according to the old "adage" time is money, but rather everything must be moved to the level of emotion, in which waiting increases desire and becomes a pleasure itself , the pleasure, in this case, of receiving a "Legongole" creation.

Everything has a meaning in my story and for this reason I don't want to be trapped in the logic of the market. Life has taught me that inclusiveness and freedom are among the most important values and for this reason, even in my work I can go from minimal to boho chic, from ethnic to more sophisticated, the look is for all those that manage to find themselves in what I create.

Legongole represent me and my children, because they are born from the affectionate crippling of another word that as dyslexics has accompanied their schooling and consequently my accompanying them and for this very reason I wanted to write the logo all attached.

Here too an imperfection that does not alter their uniqueness and depth.